Albany to Participate in Annual Night of No Crime

August 22, 2014 · by Albany Criminal Attorneys · in

Albany is set to participate in the annual National Night Out on August 5.

Neighborhoods all over the city are closing down to encourage neighbors to meet one another as well as interact with the Albany Police Department in a friendly and fun setting.

The goal is to increase crime awareness while providing a positive outlet to reduce the amount of crime happening throughout Albany.

Community Engagement Specialist Karina Tindol explained, “We encourage neighbors to come out into the street and talk to each other and find out who lives where because it builds a stronger sense of trust.”

According to her, “When neighbors know each other, neighborhoods are stronger.”

This will be the sixth year Albany has participated in the National Night Out, and each year more people are turning up and unifying.

In 2009, 18 blocks were closed. This year, Albany had to stop accepting street closures at 35 because the city does not have the capacity to close down any more streets.

Two blocks even needed to be put on a waiting list.

Ms. Tindol revealed that each block has its own personality. Some have cookouts while others jam the night away. Others have discussion-group style talks to get to know each other and talk about real issues.

The essence of the night is to form a community of aware citizens who know one another. After all, it is a lot harder to commit a crime against someone you know and it is much easier for an officer to catch a criminal when an eye witness can actually identify who the victim is.

Likewise, the night is geared around showing the human side of the police. Some of them will also be barbequing, playing music, and helping the community come together.

Events like this let people see that an officer is more than a badge and a gun while letting officers see who they are serving and protecting.

The National Night Out came about back in the 1980s to root out street crime. Citizens who felt like they had no control wanted a way to empower themselves and the community. By interfacing with the local police units, the Night Out was born.

Aside from the social component, many say that it has a real effect on reducing crime in the area.

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